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"Elisabeth has worked with some of the most difficult patient diagnoses with success.  She never quits, always thinking out of the box for answers."  - Stephanie M. 

"... Yesterday our son said a 9-word sentence and I cherish each new thought that comes from his mouth.  Most importantly, our son is connected to our family...Our son is lucky to have found a path through the maze that communication presents to us all in the form of his speech therapist, Ms. Liz..."  - Rosemarie T.

"... Thank you for your assistance with my mother-in-law. You were efficient, compassionate and accurate in your evaluation."  - Jan S.

"Elisabeth is a dedicated and caring therapist who goes to extraordinary lengths to provide her patients with the best services she can provide - and beyond should the need arise."  - Karen M. 

"After multiple Speech Therapists, she is the only one truly focused on my issues..."  - J.T.

"Ms. Elisabeth is an excellent speech therapist! She developed rapport with daughter very quickly. She turned every session into a game that kept my daughter engaged while learning important concepts. She gave homework to solidify the concept(s) that my daughter learnt in the session. My daughter felt a sense accomplishment after her sessions and was excited to complete her homework. She always looked forward to meeting Ms. Elisabeth for her next session. My daughter loves Ms. Elisabeth! ..."  - Vikas G. 

"Elisabeth Graham is Maddie's SLP, and has been with us, from the beginning. Her professionalism, and rapport with our daughter has been excellent. Elisabeth is clearly at the top of her field, and used many methods to engage and teach Maddie. This has been especially helpful, because Maddie has several health issues, that cause her to be fatigued during her therapies. She always offers great home exercises, and out of the box tools to help Maddie succeed. I am grateful most though, for the caring Elisabeth has demonstrated to my daughter. This is not just a job for her, but a calling."  - Danielle M. 

"...Ms. Elisabeth is always sympathetic and constantly greets us with such great energy.  She always listens to our concerns and is very patient with our son during stressful and emotional moments.  The past 5 years have been an intensive journey. However, as our son progresses, the journey is all worthwhile.  Ms. Elisabeth is not our Speech Pathologist; Ms. Elisabeth is our family. Ms. Elisabeth, we are very appreciative and thankful for everything you continue to do for our son." – A. & J. R

“After a thorough evaluation, Elisabeth diagnosed our 10-year-old son with a mixed receptive-expressive language processing disorder. Although this diagnosis was consistent with the struggles we had witnessed in his learning, we weren’t sure what to expect as far as therapy.  From the beginning, however, it was clear to us that we had found the right therapist. Elisabeth is an extremely patient and knowledgeable professional. The dedication she exhibits toward her work is remarkable…” - Kristen F.

“We are now nearing the end of our son’s therapy and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Elisabeth. She has not only provided our son with a toolbox of strategies to take with him as he continues his educational career, but has also provided us, as parents, with a greater understanding of our son’s strengths and challenges as a learner and supplied us with numerous resources to help him be successful. We are grateful to have had Elisabeth as our son’s speech pathologist. She has made a lasting, positive impression and we would highly recommend her to other families seeking a speech therapy professional.” - K. F.

" Elisabeth is professional in her approach and diligently works with the parents to address any challenges. I found her sincere and honest in her communication with the parent.  I had worked extensively with my daughter for going over her assignments; and with Elisabeth's guidance it became much easier and productive for me to work at home. One of the best things is that she is able to provide practical examples for the parents to work with the child from day today life which can easily be incorporated in any lifestyle.  Elisabeth is quite thorough and detailed at her work. She pays attention to child's individual speech progress. I found her observant and pays attention to kids’ behavior. I would definitely recommend Elisabeth for her astounding services." - Shilpi S.

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